About Our Company Moorman Transportation, a company with a history of growth and diversity.

In 1985 Robert “Rob” Moorman started hauling grain for local area farmers and by 1989 he was hauling grain full-time.  Rob started farming in the 70’s and it just naturally progressed into a transportation business.

  “There was a need, and we were filling it.  So, with 5 trucks, myself, and a handful of hard-working employees, Moorman Transportation was born.”

From there it just kept growing.  Today we have 30 trucks and drivers, and a fully staffed shop and office.  We are constantly challenging ourselves to grow and diversify.  We now run pneumatic trailers, walking floors, vans, and reefers hauling a diverse array of goods locally and across the mid-west United States.

Our Values


Safety for our employees, our customers, and every one in between is the first priority for Moorman Transportation.  Our goal is to avoid ALL accidents.  which is why we take near misses as seriously as an actual injury.  We dissect it and talk about it and figure out what can be done to eliminate the risk of injury.  Then we make it a policy and add it to our training program.

Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction is very important to Moorman Transportation.  We understand that happy employees are more productive and loyal.  The employees are the “driving” force of this company.  We have an open-door policy and are always available to listen, talk, and help employees resolve any issues they may be having.  We also offer understanding and flexibility for times when life happens.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction means that our customers are happy with the service that they received from us.  Communication is a key element in ensuring this.  Moorman has a strong line of communication between dispatchers, customers, and drivers with several avenues of communication available, there is always a way to connect with the appropriate department.


Quality to us, means understanding the needs of our customers and employees.  Our customers deserve to receive prompt, courteous service from our considerate, hard-working, happy employees.  And, our employees deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.


Integrity of Moorman Transportation and it’s employees gives us opportunities to improve our processes and policies as we measure every action against a strict moral and ethical code of conduct.